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Welcome To The Official Barry Lee Harwood Website
Musician - Songwriter - Vocalist most noted for his work with
Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rossington Collins Band and The Allen Collins Band

Barry Lee Harwood is a songwriting natural. His songs are past, present and future - born from life's influences, musical history and Spiritual revelation. His music reflects "the real you" and takes you to familiar places; like "the good ol' days" you've been missing. His songwriting credits with The Rossington Collins Band include "Don't Misunderstand Me" - "Pine Box" - "Fancy Ideas" - "Means Nothin' to You" - "I'm Free Today" - "Sometimes You Can Put It Out" - "Opportunity" - "Get Away." With The Allen Collins Band; "Just Trouble - "This Ride's On Me" - "Ready To Move"

Barry Lee's new album "The Southern Part of Heaven" was released April 2010. It picks up where RCB & ACB left off featuring songs that take you on a Bluesy, Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, Southern Rock n' Roll journey across the miles through Americana; a crossbreed of words and music that have been simmering in his heart for a lifetime of years. Live performances will also be scheduled in the future. For info and updates you can subscribe to the mailing list and BLOG. All social networking links are available on the Web Links tab.

Like pages from a diary his lyrics give you something to think about - something to laugh and cry about - something you can keep in your heart forever - all in a positive light. His instrumental songs are soundtracks to the movie of your life; a blank canvas for your thoughts. People are asking, "is there anything new out there?" Yes there is and you're about to hear it.

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