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SOMET Eagle ~ Instrumental

Barry Lee Harwood

The song

It is said that music is “the speech of angels” - “the mosaic of the Air” - “the harmonious voice of creation”
– “an echo of the invisible word” - “the only universal tongue.”

In the same way that I am a spirit who lives in a body governed by a soul (my mind, will and emotions) I am also music; and music is me. Music is my God given purpose on this earth. Musicians and songwriters know that there is a Spiritual realm that we enter where music is retrieved and brought into this present world. It is the creativity often called “imagination” and “inspiration” but it is better defined as an exchange between Heavenly and earthly realms. It’s the true meaning of “going with the flow!” The fun part is; you never know where the walk will take you and you’re never sure of the music that will be given to you! It’s a treasure hunt with a guaranteed reward. As a songwriter; every time I pick up an instrument I eventually “lock-on” to an intended target (which I may or may not be aware of at the time.)

SOMET Eagle was written for and about the woman who would become my wife. It was written three months before we would meet face to face. The day I sat down and played my acoustic guitar with “her” on my mind I disappeared into that Spiritual realm and returned with this composition. My fingers caressed the strings; the music became a river that slowly guided my ship to a place I’d never been before. My body played my guitar but my spirit and my soul took a walk with God! As I began to write music about this woman that I envisioned, I searched for descriptive lyrics; but no words came. The music began to take the shape of a song! My natural man – my soul – was locked onto Claudia as I played. At that point in time, I hadn’t yet looked into her eyes. All I had to go on were words spoken over the phone and pictures via e-mail. I felt like I knew as much about her as I could know without actually being able to reach out and touch her. Of course pictures are worth a thousand words – and (to me) a thousand melodies. I could only imagine what a day, a week, a year or a lifetime would be like with this “voice on the phone.” The music I was writing personified this woman that God was bringing to me. Rare for me; it was written in about forty minutes. It truly personifies Claudia.

These thoughts and a g’zillion others translated into “notes” and formed the song I named SOMET Eagle. It was created as my mind’s eye interpreted what it saw in my heart. SOMET Eagle is a description of Claudia’s spirit. It is a musical personification of her. It’s an audible response to what I “felt from a distance” – a musical muse - the instrumental substance of Love that was growing and drawing us together – the theme song to our courtship and the Swan Song of our coming marriage!

I recorded the basic track for SOMET Eagle one week before we met face to face for the first time! The slang word for Classical Music is; “longhair music”! That understood; I can say with confidence that I am a classical music writer for real and “SOMET Eagle” is one of my longhair contribution’s to the genre!
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